Job Market has huge demand for Cloud Professionals

Why AWS Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has grown into a vast   ecosystem of technologies, products, and services. Giving rise to a multi-billion dollar economy .

AWS certifications are some of the highest-paying certifications in technology and they typically appear the most in job board search results for cloud careers

About This Workshop

This is going to be LIVE workshop for 5 days (Mon-Fri) on AWS + one bonus session on a mini AWS project(Sat). Session will start at 8 PM IST.  Here You will be interacting “Live” with the trainer to avail full value of your money. Participants would be taken from basic to advance concepts with all hands on labs.

Your Take Away from the Workshop


There is no Pre-Requisite for attending this workshop. Any one who has interest in technology can take benefit of it.

Session will start at 8 PM IST and will be 2+ hrs duration.

If you could not attend Workshop , You will be allowed to attend next workshop FREE provided workshop skip information  is provided through mail.

All the sessions are going to be LIVE. 

Yes , all the participants will be provided recordings of all sessions.

Time to Enroll Now

Workshop Fee – INR 499/-  only ,  (including taxes)

New Batch : 26 – 30  Jul                  Full

New Batch :   02 Aug – 06 Aug 2021      –   Filling up fast

This is What You will go Through in 5 Days AWS Workshop


Day 1

On  day first, you will have introduction to cloud computing along with comparison  of various cloud service provider and difference between traditional vs cloud computing plus other basic concepts.


Day 2

You will start your day with creating your own free account in AWS for completing your all practical related tasks. You will be exposed to various cloud concept like SG, VPC, IP addressing etc.  and now you will be ready to launch your own server in cloud. Getting confidence by operating your own cloud server today.


Day 3

To Make sure your cloud resources are working as expected you should be aware of using available cloud monitoring and management tools. Day three will walk you through various aspect of AWS CloudWatch tools and will enable you to be alert by understanding price model of various cloud services. You will have interesting labs to complete.


Day  4

Automation is dominating IT industry. Every one is going crazy to implement maximum automation in their services. AWS provide many tools to automate your tasks. CloudFormation is one of them. In your day four you will be explained about automating your tasks and using one very important AWS storage service S3 (Simple Storage Service).


Day  5

How you integrate various services and configure a way to receive notifications directly in your mail inbox as and when there is any event taking place in your cloud environment. We go through simple lab depicting AWS Simple Notification Service to achieve this goal. It is going to be very interesting hands on  lab.


Day  6 (Bonus Session)

Your confidence still needs a boost up ? Okay, Here I have planned a mini AWS project for you. I will be with you until you complete this mini project.  We will wind up this workshop with a recap of all, what you have learned till now and with a promise to help you as and when you need my support.

Sessions Details

  • Introduction to Cloud computing
  • Traditional Vs Cloud Computing
  • Different Cloud Service Provider
  • How corporate uses cloud computing
  • Advantages of using cloud computing
  • Details of AWS Certification 
  • A Tour to AWS Console 
  • Requirement of creating your FREE AWS account
  • Creating your FREE AWS Account 
  • Understanding different components of AWS Console
  • Understanding AWS Availability Zones
  • Understanding AWS Regions
  • Understanding AWS VPC
  • Understanding about IP Addressing, Security Groups
  • Launching your servers in AWS
  • Connecting to your server in AWS
  • Understanding AWS Pricing Model 
  • AWS Monitoring Tools
  • Understanding AWS CloudWatch
    Understanding AWS CloudTrail 
  • Creating CloudWatch dashboard 
  • Automation of tasks using CloudWatch Matric 
  • Understanding AWS Storage
  • Creating S3 Storage in AWS
  •  Object Management in AWS S3
  • AWS Automation concept
  • Using AWS CloudFormation for automation
  • Creating budget alerts
  • Understanding Simple Notification Service 
  • Use cases of SNS
  • Configuration of AWS SNS Service
  • Recap of all above topics
  • Interview Tips & Tricks
  • Writing Your Cloud Resume
  • Discussing one capstone project 
  • What is the way ahead


Time to Enroll Now

Workshop Fee – INR 499/-  only ,  (including taxes)

New Batch : 26 – 30  Jul                  Full

New Batch :   02 Aug – 06 Aug 2021      –   Filling up fast

Who Should Attend this Workshop

IT Jobs Aspirant 

If you are looking for your dream IT Job then this workshop is for you. It is going to open a new world of opportunities for you. As Cloud Computing has become an inevitable part of IT industry, having understanding of it is very important to get fit in any IT Job .

IT Professionals

This workshop will be good start for those IT Professionals who wants to upgrade to the next level and accelerate their career growth as learning about cloud computing is unavoidable nowadays. You may be working in 'any 'IT domain , You would require cloud computing knowledge to survive and having career stability in IT industry .

Entrepreneur/Business owner

Business owners and Entrepreneurs needs to take effective decision for their IT loads. This workshop will familiar them to the strength of Cloud computing so that they are equipped with the required skills to plan cost effective solution for their IT solutions.

IT Project Manager/Leaders/IT Sales Executive/Managers

Project Managers, Mangers, Leaders, Executives, Team leads, Management and others are directly or indirectly involved for 'IT' project delivery. This workshop will provide knowledge of the cloud technology which will help them to understand scope of the project and take effective decision for the growth of organization. 

College Students

This workshop will help college student to get prepare for their future journey .  This also will be very useful for them to undertake any IT related project for their academic purpose. There are many opportunities waiting for you if you  showcase your skills of this advanced technology. 

Any Technology Enthusiastic Human Being 

Technology plays major role in human life . Any individual who is excited to know about this most in demand technology is welcome in this practical focused workshop on AWS Cloud Computing .

Know Your Trainer

Hari G Sharma

Hari Sharma is the Lead Trainer . He is Certified with international professional certifications like TOGAF , CCIE, PGP Cloud, Network Security, VOIP, Data etc.

Having worked with top MNCs and having 25+ Years of IT experience , he is well versed with architectural design and operation.

Across the globe, he has helped thousands to learn technology and supported to achieve their goals.


Experiences shared by few Participants

Rahul Bhardwaj
IPT Engineer
Very knowledgeable and hands-on trainer I have ever seen. Great trainer especially on various Clouds, collaboration and networking side. Still, a lot of things to learn from him. Architectural knowledge is excellent. Very quick troubleshooting. I will give my best feedback to Hari G Sharma.
Arun Kumar
VOIP Engineer
It was an amazing learning experience with Mr.Hari. He is so friendly to ask doubts and he clarifies them so well. He is so professional and positive minded he never minds how many times we may ask doubts. Thank you for this great opportunity to be your student.
Mounika Penmetsa
It is a great opportunity to learn from you Mr. Hari. You really explain from bottom of your heart and your knowledge is highly appreciable. I like the way you interact with the participants during your session. Keep growing and all the best
Mahesh Soni
Sr. Manager
Big Thanks to Mr. Hari for imparting his knowledge on AWS Cloud Computing. Initially I was hesitating to attend these classes thinking that it will not be much helpful for me. But after attending classes and going through use cases I realized how important it is going to be for me to grow in my career. Thanks again Mr. Hari for your efforts to make things so simple
Sachin Malhotra
IT Professional
Anand Dharmendra
Jayaprakash V
IT Professional

Time to Enroll Now

Workshop Fee – INR 499/-  only ,  (including taxes)

New Batch : 26 – 30  Jul                  Full

New Batch :   02 Aug – 06 Aug 2021      –   Filling up fast

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